Blairs Fundraising

St Mary’s Chapel in Blairs, Aberdeen, is anxious to complete the renovations to its leaking roof, damaged internal plaster and broken marble work.  A fundraising drive was therefore launched in 2013 to raise £200,000 to finish the works and rebuild its trust fund to protect the historic chapel's longer-term future.

Deacon John Wire, who is the Administrator of St Mary’s Chapel, is particularly concerned about the impact the weather is having on the building.   “Every time it rains heavily,” he explains, “we end up with a lot of water in the tower – the inside walls are soaked and there are puddles on the floor.  There is also a serious damp problem around some of the windows,which has caused plaster and marble to fall off the walls.  We have even had to rope off some of the pews close to the wall to prevent injury should any plaster fall!”

Despite being a small parish with limited resources, we take our role as stewards of the historical chapel very seriously. This new fundraising drive will be successful when we have raised enough money to finish the weatherproofing repairs and have raised enough to cover costs that we can reasonably forecast will be incurred in the near future.

The parish's fundraising is based around three initiatives. Two of which are year-round activities to which we hope parishioners will sign up and help us slowly build up funds. These include participating in Easy Fundraising, and ensuring that any donations made are eligible to receive Gift Aid.

The third element of our fundraising is all the events that we periodically undertake to which the wider public is both welcome and encouraged to support.