Easy Fundraising

We encourage anyone that wishes to support Blairs to use Easy Fundraising.

Over 26 supporters were signed up by the end of 2016, and by the 8th of January 2017 we have already raised over £853!

This is an initiative whereby many internet retailers will make a donation to a charity like the Blairs College Chapel Trust when the transaction is registered through Easyfundraising. There are a very large number of retailers that offer a donation (at no cost to the buyer) for every purchase made, providing that the purchase is 'registered' with Easy Fundraising.

To register a donation against Easy Fundraising is very easy. The simplest way is to install the Easy Fundraising 'find and remind' tool on your computer and every time you visit a participating internet retailer, a reminder will pop up asking you whether you are willing to register purchases made against Easy Fundraising. Alternatively, you can access participating retailers by first logging into the Easy Fundraising website and then clicking through from there to make your purchases.

This is explained in more detail below: