Here are a few nice things that visitors and people we've worked with have said about us.

The African Catholic Choir (following Charity Concert, Mar 2014)

"Thank you very much. We are glad you all enjoyed it and on behalf of the choir I wish to let you know that we really enjoyed ourselves. The venue speaks for itself, or shall I say 'sings for itself'. The acoustics are amazing and the history/ambience just transports you away into time. The natural voice is really well represented here and I actually found myself wondering how the building was engineered to create such effect - I know how long ago it was built so this had to be ingenuity." - Peter Atorough, Director, African Catholic Choir

Rock Choir Aberdeen, Culter, Inverurie & Stonehaven (following Charity Concert, Mar 2014)

"We very much enjoyed performing at St Marys Church, the church is a lovely space with fantastic acoustics! A must for any choral singers or orchestral productions!" - Chris Mutch, Rock Choir,  www.rockchoir.com

The Deeside Choristers (Christmas 2013)

"St. Mary's, Blairs is a very special place for the Deeside Choristers and singing there each Christmas is the highlight of our choral year. Its acoustics, unmatched anywhere in the NE of Scotland, its richly decorative and lofty interior and its 'very usable' organ all contribute to a wonderfully atmospheric setting. A hidden gem, perhaps? May I just add that we are always made very welcome when we come to Blairs; the facilities, such as the kitchen are good and the staff extremely helpful." - Nancy Paul (Chairman/Secretary) with input from past and present Musical Directors, Deeside Choristers