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Weddings at St Mary's Blairs

1. St Mary's, Blairs is a Roman Catholic chapel and therefore available for weddings where the bride or the groom or both are baptised members of the Roman Catholic Church, and parishioners of St. Mary’s, Blairs.

The chapel is available for use for Roman Catholics from other parishes but there must be a sound pastoral reason for the marriage taking place out-with their home parish.  
Please note: the fact that the church is a beautiful building or the wedding reception has been booked at nearby hotels do not constitute sound pastoral reasons.

Sacramental Marriage is not to be confused with other family celebrations such as birthday parties, stag parties or anniversaries.  There has to be an understanding that Sacramental Marriage is a further commitment to living faith-filled lives as part of a faith community.  For a couple to be married in church they must understand that ‘by doing so they are placing their love for one another at the disposal of the Christian community in order to render present God’s love for God’s people’.

2. After making a provisional booking with St Mary's Blairs, members of the Roman Catholic Church who are not parishioners of St Mary's, yet wish to be married there, should in the first instance contact their own parish priest to start the pre-nuptial enquiry documentation process, to undertake a marriage preparation course, and to gain your parish priest’s permission for the marriage to take place out-with the home parish.  This process should be started at least six months before the date of the wedding.
Please note: Your booking remains provisional until all of the paperwork is complete.

3. Members of the Roman Catholic Church who are parishioners of St Mary's, Blairs should in the first instance contact the Parish Priest to start the pre-nuptial enquiry documentation process and undertake marriage preparation.  This process should also be started at least six months before the date of the wedding.

4. St Mary's, Blairs requests a donation to the Blairs College Chapel Trust for the use of the chapel which goes towards the ongoing maintenance of the chapel building and grounds.  Currently donations are made in the order of £550.  For weddings taking place from 1st October to 31st March, a donation in the order of £650 is requested to cover the additional cost of lighting and heating. Please consider signing a Gift Aid form when making your donation for the use of the Chapel.

The booking should be made with the Parish Priest whose details can be found below.
Please note: Your donation does not constitute a payment that entitles you to use the chapel as a commodity which you have rented.

5. It is solely the responsibility of the couple to notify the local registrar's office about their wedding.  In Scotland the signing of the civil 'Marriage Schedule' takes place during the wedding ceremony in the presence of the priest or deacon who is officiating, and who is also a signatory.  The couple must notify the registrar in good time, (at least three months before the wedding day), and complete the application forms to obtain the 'Marriage Schedule' before the day of the wedding.  Contact details for the Registrar's Office for St Mary's Blairs can be found below.

6. St Mary's, Blairs is first and foremost a Roman Catholic church where the sacrifice of the Mass is regularly celebrated.  In order to ensure that the dignity and respect of this holy place are pre-eminent, as you plan your special day please consider: appropriate dress, liturgical music, flowers and decorations.  Christian symbols within the church cannot and must not be moved (this includes such things as the Paschal Candle during the Easter season, and crosses).

7. There is not a resident organist at St Mary's Blairs, therefore couples are at liberty to make their own arrangements to engage an organist, or an organist can be arranged by the Parish Priest.  Any other form of musical accompaniment must be approved by the Parish Priest.  Electrically powered instruments such as electric guitars or percussion instruments such as drums are not permitted.

8. Couples will make their own arrangements with a florist and photographer for their wedding day.
  • The official photographer, (this includes video recordings), must observe the wishes of the celebrant during the wedding ceremony about where and when photographs or video recordings can take place. The photographer or video camera operator will not be permitted on the sanctuary.  The sanctuary is the raised area that includes the altar and lectern.
  • Floral arrangements in the church must be approved, in advance, by the Parish Priest.  The scattering of petals inside the church is not permitted.
  • Confetti may be used outside the church but it must be bio-degradable.
  • A wedding rehearsal can be arranged prior to the wedding day, however, please note; the church will be closed at 18.00 hrs each day.
9. Parking is not permitted on the access lane to Blairs Chapel as this is designated as a Route for Emergency Vehicles.  Parking is permitted in front of the Main Blairs Building only.

Parish priest's contact details:

  St Mary's Blairs, 
  3 Rickarton Cottages, Bridgefield
  Stonehaven, AB39 2FY

Administrator's contact details:

  St Mary's Blairs, 
  South Deeside Road, 
  AB12 5YQ

Civil registrar's contact details:

Registrar's Office,
The Square,
High Street,
AB31 5RW 
Tel: 01330 822878