Justice and Peace

The Blairs parish is considering setting up a Justice and Peace team. Parishioners are invited to complete the survey linked below to help communicate how the parish feels about this.

Here is the link to the Parish survey [3 Nov 2019]

Initial survey results:

The following summarises the results from the first Parish Justice and Peace survey launched on 3 November:
  • Approximately 20% of the Parishioners present on the 3rd of November responded.
  • There is universal support for establishing a Justice & Peace team.
  • Very strong consensus to prioritise activity on: Social Justice, Environment and Climate, and Human Rights.
  • Two additional people are willing to join the organising team.
  • Very strong support to consider or participate in initiatives that are organised by the team.
  • Highest urgency to address: Human Rights, then Social Justice then the Environment. Development of poor countries and Ending wars were deemed very important but not as urgent as the other three.
  • Most significant demand was for: (i) Gathering credible information to inform choices, (ii) Working out how to adapt our lifestyles to reduce the problems, (iii) Pressuring our elected representatives, and (iv) Arranging or attending special talks on the subjects.
[9 Nov 19]

External resources

Here are a few relevant external resources that may help parishioners might like to consider: